IDS Education Loans

Want to become a graphic designer? Join IDS short course now!

Why International Design School?

IDS' Creative Course Program is designed to combine theory classes and lab computers, and facilitated by professionals in the field of creative industries. Choose your favorite class and start your journey to become a graphic designer.

Enjoy KoinPintar interest rate

start from 0.75% / Month

Loan size

Up to 80% of the tuition amount.


12-24 months, 0/6 months grace

IDS Loan Program

Total Loan Tenor Installment per month
Rp 96.800.000 6 Rp. 16.859.333
12 Rp. 8.792.667
Rp. 98.400.000 6 Rp. 17.138.000
12 Rp. 8.938.000
Rp. 100.000.000 6 Rp. 17.416.667
12 Rp. 9.083.333

Application Process

Student is accepted into International Design School class and requests financing

KoinWorks gives the student an account at KoinWorks

Student applies and interviews online

Loan Approval

If the student accepts, the Loan is disbursed to International Design School before the start of program


Min. age of 21 years old and already accepted into Puspita Martha program

For student under the age of 21, must have co-guarantor with fixed income

Must have a social media account (Facebook)

Required Documents

No Documents Student Co-Guarantor
Unmarried Married
1 Copy of Bank Account Activity in Last 3 Months
2 Copy of National ID
3 Copy of Spouse’s National ID
4 Copy of Family Card *)
5 Copy of New Family Card (if married **)

*) If the co-guarantor’s identity is not written on the student’s Family Card

**) Note: If newest Family Card is not available yet, please attach a copy of Family Card (student) + Marriage Certificate (a photo of applicant on the front cover)

Get Your dream!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I don't have a co-guarantor. Can I still apply?

You may still apply, but you will need to convince us more on your ability to work well after you graduate from the program.

2. What are the required financial documents need to be attached from student and/or co-guarantor?

- Salary slip for the past 3 months

- Bank account document for past 3 months

- Current active loan details

3. When should I start applying for a loan?

We suggest a minimum of one month before the program starts. But to make sure you give yourself ample time, it's best to apply as soon as you get accepted into the IDS program.

4. What affects my interest rate?

The better you can prove that you can finish the program and work well with an employer, the more likely is your loan going to be approved and that your interest rate is lower.

5. What is grace period?

Grace period is holding period of principal payment. Student can choose their grace period when register to Hacktiv8. During grace period, students only have to pay the interest amount of their monthly installment.

6. How to start registration process?

Student can apply financing when registering to program and your application at KoinPintar will start after student have been accepted into IDS program.

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