Education Loan for Algoritma

Possess your dream profession as a professional Data Scientist by enrolling in various Data Science educations and trainings at Algoritma.

Be a Professional Data Scientist in 4 months!

Make your dream to be a professional Data Scientist come true with Algoritma and KoinPintar!

Algoritma provides various workshops that will surely support your dream to become a professional Data Scientist, where nowadays the industry's needs for this profession is enormous. Be a Data Scientist and answer the industry’s needs in just 4 months with Algoritma and KoinPintar!

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KoinWorks Interest Rate

Starting from 0.75% Per Month Only

Loan Size

Up to 80% the Tuition Amount


6 - 24 Months (Without Grace Period)


Application Process

Student has been registered and approved to be a student at Algoritma

KoinPintar provides a login account to the student

Student continues the loan application process and gets interviewed

Once the loan is approved, the student needs to pay the DP to Algoritma and other fees to KoinWorks.

KoinWorks starts the funding process and the loan will be disbursed to Algoritma before the course runs

Student Criteria

Minimum age of 21 years old and has already been approved as one of students at Algoritma

If the student aged under 21 years old, there has to be another person with fixed income to act as a co-guarantor

Having a social media account (e.g. Facebook) is a must

Required Documents

No Documents Student Co-Guarantor
Unmarried Married
1 Copy of Bank Account Activity in Last 3 Months
2 Copy of National ID
3 Copy of Spouse’s National ID
4 Copy of Family Card *)
5 Copy of New Family Card (if married **)

*) If the co-guarantor’s identity is not written on the student’s Family Card

**) Note: If newest Family Card is not available yet, please attach a copy of Family Card (student) + Marriage Certificate (a photo of applicant on the front cover)

Achieve Your Dream !

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I don’t have a co-guarantor, May I Still Apply for Student Loan?

Yes you may, but you have to convince us more that you will finish the course and have a good work ethic.

2. When can I apply for student loan?

We suggest you apply for student loan 1 month before the course is underway or get started whenever you are approved as one of the students to take course at Algoritma.

3. Is there anything that can reduce the interest rate assigned for my loan?

If you can prove that you can finish the course and can give the best shot at work, then your loan application will be our top priority and you will get the best interest rate.

4. How to get started?

Student can apply for education loan to take course at Algoritma through KoinPintar. Fill in the available forms and upload the required documents upon registering and KoinWorks Team will review your loan application.

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