Reasons to Start Lending with KoinWorks

18% Effective Rate p.a

Multiply your profits with the right lending platform. Maximize your returns as you go with KoinWorks, starting from 18% EAR!

Provision Fund

We are allocating some of our revenues to protect our Lenders' funds which have been distributed through our platform.

From 100,000

Starting from IDR100,000 you can start lending with P2P Lending platform with high EAR, starting from 18% p.a. Online lending with high returns.

Why KoinWorks?

Give outstanding values to both Borrowers and Lenders.

We reduce the costs and inefficiencies to speed up the lending process. It is now far more effective than traditional financial institutions. Creditworthy Borrowers looking for online loan are connected with Lenders looking for growing their assets.

Hence, Borrowers pay less and Lenders earn more. They both will be financially benefited.

Loan Interest Rate & Risk Levels

Your lending will help build Indonesia for the better. KoinWorks provides various products, including Business Loans, Invoice Financing, Education and Health Loans. To see the full Product Variations, please refer to this page

Img grade loans

Effective Annual Rate

Starting from

12%~ 15%~ 18%~ 21%~ 24%~ 38%~

1% fee of each repayment for monthly installment

5% fee charged from interest for lump sum repayment

Provision Fund Coverage

100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0%
Lower Interest Payments Higher Interest Payments
Higher Provision Fund Coverage Lower Provision Fund Coverage

Start Lending
With a Few Simple Steps

Sign Up

Create a Lender account and verify your given information in less than 5 minutes.

Choose Loans

Browse the available loans and submit the amount you want to lend in each loan.

Transfer Fund

We will assign you a unique virtual account for your transfer. You can do this before browsing the available loans as well.


Connect with us using your social media accounts to enhance lending experience.

Fascinating Features

Safe Lending

We use high standards in assessing every loan using Big Data and machine learning algorithm. Only qualified borrowers are approved, thus, you’ll have safe lending with us.

Customizable Portfolio

Sort the loans by interest rate, loan purposes, etc then start lending. Customize your portfolio by lending in various types of loans.

Reputable Partners

We are working with reputable partners to ensure the best loan underwriting, thus, we can provide better experience to our precious users.

Your lending will help
the fulfillment of financial democratization in Indonesia and increase the financial inclusion.

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