Why do KoinWorks Product Vary?

KoinWorks opens opportunities for the wider community to get reachable and affordable access to finance.

Business Financing

KoinWorks business financing is focused on the Indonesian SMEs which have online sales activities and have been selling on KoinWorks partners’ online platforms. By working with leading partners, KoinWorks can provide faster and safer services for both Lenders and Borrowers.

On the other hand, the Invoice Financing loan is part of KoinWorks’ Business Financing which can be funded by all of the Lenders on KoinWorks. What distinguishes it from other business loans in general is that the loan is based on an invoice deferred by the Borrower. The interest from the Invoice Financing itself is different from any other business loans.

Education Financing

In order to realize the Smart Indonesia initiative as proclaimed by the government, KoinPintar is present to prepare the young generation in facing global competition through affordable access to education financing. Get an accessible and affordable education financing from KoinWorks through KoinPintar. No need to worry about expensive education fees, it’s now highly affordable with KoinPintar.

Health Financing

Health Financing is specifically provided for the treatment of non-chronic diseases. This financing is focused on health services that can help improve everyday life. Examples of services financed by KoinWorks health financing including the treatment for:
Beauty care, Eyes, Teeth, Pregnancy, Physiotherapy and Medical Checks.

Funds collected from Lenders are also directly given to KoinWorks health financing partners to ensure the certainty and security of your funding.

Lending Product Safety

Each KoinWorks product will go through evaluation phase in the form of data validation and a rigorous credit feasibility analysis process using an updated financial analysis algorithm. All products are also protected by insurance and the KoinWorks Provision Fund. All of this is dedicated to minimizing the risk of lending.

Your lending will help
the fulfillment of financial democratization in Indonesia and increase the financial inclusion.

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