Connect with Borrowers

See how close your relationship with borrower.

You can choose which Borrower to lend based on the levels of the connection score. The higher connection score you get with the borrowers, the closer your relationship with them based on the connected social media data.

Alma Matter

You may have graduated from the same school


You may live in the same neighborhood


How many degrees of separation between you

KoinWorks can connect you with the right Borrower based on closeness of relationship, same interest, alma mater, groups, address or community, etc.

When Borrower and Lender have high connection score, the lending process will be much faster. Lender will be much more willing to lend and Borrower will be more determined to pay loan installments on time.

Your Connection Score

Your connection score with the Borrower will be calculated automatically whenever you connect your social media accounts with KoinWorks.

No Connection

Strong Connection

A score of 0 indicates that there is no connection whatsoever between you and the Borrower according to your social media data, whilst score of 9 indicates that you both have strong connection. It is a collection of scores gathered from various data and variables.

For example, score of 9 can be assumed that you and Borrower are classmates or colleagues. Score of 8 can be assumed that you and Borrower live at the same neighbourhood or attended the same high school.