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KoinWorks offers much more affordable loan interest rates than those offered by traditional financial institutions for the same loan product.

KoinWorks loans are non collateral and non-bank online loans, in other words, we do not require assets as the collateral. However, when applying for loan, you need to include Personal Guarantee. It means that you will be fully responsible if there is default.

Loans products offered by KoinWorks can be compared with bank credit cards and unsecured loans. The terms and conditions or provisions in the loans are fixed, so your monthly installments will not change, or increase. In addition, you can always make early repayment without being charged any penalties or fines.

When your loan application is approved, your loan will be rated into various credit scorings to then be classified according to its interest, loan approval fee, administrative cost, and the equivalent of the annual percentage rate.

The Annual Percentage Rate shows annual loan interest rate, including every interest and cost related to your loan. Although banks in Indonesia do not use Annual Percentage Rate (APR), the calculation is already used in many countries. Its purpose is to make it easier for customers to compare any available loan products.

Loan approval fee and administrative cost will automatically reduce the total amount of your loan when your loan is approved and disbursed. Hence, please consider how the costs will affect your loan. However, KoinWorks will not charge any fees when your loan application is not approved.

Loan Grades Levels

KoinWorks assigns a grade to each loan starting from A1 to E5, from the highest to lowest. This grade describes the ability of each borrower to pay their monthly installment. Read the following loan grade levels for your note:


Annual Interest Rate

9.00% - 10.83% 11.29% - 13.13% 13.58% - 15.42% 15.88% - 17.71% 18.17% - 20.00%
Origination Fee (depends on loan tenor, out of Loan Disbursement) : 1.50% - 5%
Administration Fee : Rp150,000 - Rp200,000
Insurance Fee (depends on loan tenor, out of Loan Disbursement) : 0.10% - 1.25%

Annual Interest Rate

14.00% - 14.80% 16.44% - 19.08% 19.80% - 22.44% 23.04% - 25.68% 26.40% - 29.04%
Origination Fee (out of Loan Disbursement) : 0.75% - 1.75%
Administration Fee : 0.05%

Complying with the ethics code of Asosiasi Fintech Pendanaan Bersama Indonesia (AFPI) total cost of loan which is given to the borrower is not exceeding flat rate of 0.8% per day, calculated from the total disbursement given to the borrower.

We are working together with third parties for our loan services such as bank to proceed the fund, or partners to verify the authenticity of data etc. We charge these costs only after your loan is approved and disbursed.

Other Fees

Late Payment Fees

KoinWorks sets 6% as the late fee. That fee is adjusted with the number of late days. We can understand some reasonable reasons, please contact us beforehand so we can give you the best solution to freed you from late fees.

Loan Collection Fee

If you as the Borrower fail to pay the loan and we have not received any information or explanation or clarity regarding your loan repayment, we will take action to directly collect the repayment from the Borrower. In this case, additional costs will be billed to Borrower. The cost will vary, so we cannot give the fixed cost estimation about this.

How Does KoinWorks Assess the Loan Grade?

KoinWorks assigns a grade to each loan starting from A1 to E5, from the highest to lowest. This grade describes the ability of each borrower to pay their monthly installment. The following are several aspects we use to assess every loan:

Loan Purpose

We do assessment based on your loan purpose and the plans on using the loan.

Business Customers

We try to figure out about the customers and how their feedbacks on products or services provided by Borrower.


We do a very strict and thorough assessment, whether the Borrowers are capable to pay their monthly repayment based on a collection of data we receive and research thoroughly.


We also use Borrowers' connections while assessing their loan applications based on the connections in our community. If a Borrower has an extensive network, the Lenders would likely to lend in his/her loan.

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