How do I apply for loan?

How do I apply for loan?

Please follow the application process and provide the required documents as requested on our site. As part of the verification process, our customer support will contact you to verify the data. We will promptly process your loan request and notify you. Click here to apply for a loan now.

How will my loan be funded?

When your loan receives a final approval it will be available for lenders to fund. You can keep track of your loan’s funding progress at your account dashboard page. If the progress bar reaches 100% or at least 80% within 14 days, the fund will be disbursed to your bank account.

How does KoinWorks’ interest rate compare to banks?

KoinWorks offer more affordable interest rates, we have no early repayment fees and your account is easy to be accessed online. Apply at the comfort of your home or at your own convenience, saving you precious time and money.

How much can I borrow for my business and what’s the maximum term?

You can borrow up to 2 billion Rupiahs with loan length starting from 6 months to 24 months.

How will KoinWorks finance my loan?

Approved loans can be viewed and funded by all of our active lenders. In this way, you can have multiple lenders funding your loan.

Does KoinWorks charge fees to borrowers?

There will be an administration fee and an origination fee. We only charge you once the loan is disbursed. Please take notes that the fees will be deducted from the loan during disbursement, so make sure you include the fees to your loan calculation.

I haven't heard back about my application. What should I do?

Once we receive your application, we aim to give you a pre-approval decision in less than 3 working days. Please check your email and keep your phone handy to make sure that our customer support can contact you. If you still haven’t heard back from us within one week, you can email us at or call us at 021-29323996 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Can I pay all of my loan early?

Yes you can. And there is no extra charge.

How do I pay my loan?

Our loans are paid back in monthly installments. You can transfer the payment to the virtual account we have assigned to your account. The information of your virtual account can be found on the borrower’s dashboard.

Can I apply for another loan while I still have an active loan?

No. You can only have one active loan at a given time.

Get connected!

On KoinWorks we have a feature that require you to connect your social media accounts so that you can get benefit from it. We require you to connect one or more social media accounts help us better verify your information. This feature also allows lenders to see your connection to them. The more connection they have with you (scaled 0-9), the more likely they will help your cause. Because at KoinWorks we believe that this is the connection that works.