No matter what type of business you are running, we believe that it has every potential needed to grow. Get the business loan you need to grow your business with our non-collateral business loan from KoinBisnis which is more accessible, affordable and faster.

Loan Simulation

  • Minimum loan amount is Rp 10.000.000
  • Loan Amount After Fee Deduction )*

    Estimated Monthly Installment


)* Admin fee and origination fee, exclude life insurance fee

Grow Your Business with KoinWorks

Does your business need financial support to increase product inventory or improvement of product equipments? KoinWorks can help. Loan in KoinWorks is designed and intended to help your business development.


Your time is priceless, and we know that very well. Apply loan online and save your time without even visiting our office.


We can process your loan much faster than conventional financial institutions.

Small is a Great Thing

At KoinWorks, you do not have to have a great business to be able to apply for online loans


KoinWorks online loan requires no collateral and the files filling process when applying for a loan is much more efficient.

Lower Interest Rates

KoinWorks offers loans with lower interest rates, much lower than similar loans elsewhere

Things To Consider Before Applying for Loan

Will You be Able to Pay the Monthly Installments?

Review your financial condition and see if you have more or sufficient funds to pay your loan installments.

Indonesian Citizenship or Business Entity that is Subject to the Indonesian Law

The vast majority of banks and other financial institutions including KoinWorks can only provide loan to Indonesian Citizenship or business entity that is subject to the Indonesian Law, and individuals who are mature according to law.

Other Fees

The charged loan rate is not the only cost that is charged on your loan. Read other details thoroughly because it can affect the costs on your loan. The simple thing to consider is, compare its annual percentage rate.

Changes in Condition

Before anything else, please consider about what you can do to fulfill your loan installments if you lost main customers or your production cost somewhat increased.

What Information is Required When Applying for Loan?

Before applying for loan, please prepare and make sure the legality of following data to fasten your loan application:

  • Business Details - Basic and financial information in the past year. The more complete the information provided, the easier and faster our evaluation process will be
  • Loan Purpose - Explain the loan purpose to us, if you have a quotation, please include it while uploading the required documents.
  • Owner Details - Tell us about yourself, your financial information and upload the information about your identity.
  • If your business running on one of our partners’ online marketplaces, you can apply for business loan through the platform with lower interest rate. The list of our partners can be seen on the homepage.

Although you do not have the required files at this time, your loan application process will still be stored on our servers for up to 7 days. You can always continue the process whenever the required files ready.

We encourage you to provide your financial and businesses information as complete as possible. The more complete the information provided, the higher the chance of your loan approval because we get to know you better and your credit scoring will also be better.

5 Easy Steps to Apply for Loan on KoinWorks

Apply Online

You can complete the loan application form in just 15 minutes.


The loan interest rate will be informed, if you agree, proceed to the next steps.

Upload Legal Documents

Upload all of required legal documents when applying for loan.

Funding Process

Your loan will be published into our platform and the Lenders can then allocate their funds.

Loan Disbursement

Your loan will be disbursed into your designated bank account.

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